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Q: What is BlockIT?

A: The BlockIT Solution is an in-expensive managed service that removes all unsolicited commercial e-mail (a.k.a spam), e-mail viruses, and undesirable content from your e-mail messages BEFORE they make it to your inbox.

Q: What is the minimum requirement of BlockIT ?
A: Individual Users: You must know the username & password of your email account

Domain Owners: You must own the domain name/s you wish protected and have access and authorisation to change your MX record to point to BlockIT.

Q: Do I have to host my Internet email with you.
A: NO, we are a perimeter solution. We work between the Internet and your e-mail provider whether an ISP or in house. We require NO changes to your existing e-mail service.

Q: Will my e-mail address change?
A: NO, we require NO changes to your existing email address.

Q: What is “Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE)?”
A: Just as it sounds, something you didn’t ask for or need. Many companies and individuals have chosen to take advantage of this method of advertising as in many cases it’s free. You can compare UCE to telemarketing but at a much higher cost due to volume.

Q: What is an “E-Mail Virus?”
A: An e-mail virus is computer code sent to you as an e-mail note attachment which, if activated, will cause an unexpected and usually harmful effect, such as destroying certain files on your hard disk and causing the attachment to be distributed to everyone in your address book and/or network. Although not the only kind of computer virus, e-mail viruses are the best known and undoubtedly cause the greatest loss of time and money overall.

Q: What do you consider “Undesirable Content?”
A: Undesirable content is content most companies do not need or want especially when it affects their employees’ productivity. Examples of such content would be chain letters, adult solicitations, fraudulent solicitations, weight-loss solicitations, promised miracles, and so on.

Q: I think my ISP already offers similar services, what makes BlockIT Different?
A: The main difference is that BlockIT is our core, focussed service. Because this is our business we offer an unmatched level of service and have the ability to effectively filter 95+% of unwanted e-mail traffic while keeping false positives to a minimum.

We are seamless, turnkey and DO NOT require any software, hardware, or server level configuration.

Q: What are some other advantages of BlockIT ?
A: Some of other advantages are:

  • We are an explicit managed service; there are no confusing configuration options to degrade the level of service or its efficiency.
  • We are a seamless, turnkey, and DO NOT require any software, hardware, or server level configuration.
  • We are a multi-layered service, not only do we filter UCE but we also filter e-mail viruses and undesirable content.
  • We do not force you to use our domain ( or webmail to reap the benefits of our service.
  • We take a beyond signature approach to filtering, our service evolves daily even hourly to protect against the latest threats to your e-mail.
  • We are LESS expensive, provide the HIGHEST level of results, and offer our clients the HIGHEST return on their investment.
  • We are passionate about what we do.
  • We give you back a clean SPAM Free Inbox.

Q: Will you ever need access to my e-mail account?
A: NO, we will NEVER ask you for nor need any password and/or user account information.

Q: Can you view my e-mail messages?
A: Our systems and staff do not view your e-mail unless it has been captured and verified as UCE or undesirable content. The only reason we would view these captured e-mails is to view how they were constructed, where they came from and how better we can improve our systems to block further e-mails of this nature or content.

Q: Where do these captured messages go?
A: Each message that is verified as UCE or undesirable content is routed to our quarantine. It is then screened by our support staff to verify its status.

Q: Will I notice a delay in receiving my e-mail?
A: NO, there is no perceivable delay. Everything happens in a matter of seconds