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Managed Services


Estimates suggest that well over half of all email received by Irish users is spam, wasting precious business time, productivity, bandwidth and money. Viruses can cause catastrophic effects to business and desktop PC’s.

The costs appear hidden, but savings and benefits are huge when a business considers:

1. Productivity lost when sorting and deleting spam.
2. Delays in receiving urgent emails caused by clogged Inboxes.
3. Charges for staying connected to the internet.
4. Business liabilities in protecting employees against offensive or distressing emails.
5. Disaster recovery and security breaches, lost data and lost productivity when viruses infect a network.

BlockIT Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus services, filters email at the source, to effectively remove spam and viruses from the user Inbox before it’s downloaded. Each user can have as much or as little interaction with the system so that each user can tailor the software to suit their needs. The benefits are striking and the cost savings compelling.

We are successfully blocking 95%+ SPAM & Email Viruses each day through our servers. BlockIT’s company solution is the easiest, most cost-effective way for organisations to utilise BlockIT spam protection service.

In the company scenario, all incoming email messages to your domain(s) are first routed to servers at the BlockIT. We simply divert your existing MX record to point to the BlockIT servers. Messages sent to protected accounts are processed at BlockIT, and cleaned of SPAM & Email Viruses.


  • Hosted solution - seamless implementation
  • No software to buy or install
  • No hardware to configure or maintain
  • SPAM & VIRUS Definitions Updated hourly
  • Up and running in very little time
  • Multiple-layered spam filtering
  • Enhanced protection against email attacks
  • Immediately lowers costs associated with processing spam
  • Multi-engine virus scanning
  • Content filtering
  • Policy enforcement
  • Disaster recovery

Why Outsourcing to BlockIT makes sense:

BlockIT technology and employees offer both the breadth and depth of the core capabilities required to block messages that negatively affect network and employee productivity, plus content that can expose your organisation to legal liability. BlockIT is a fully outsourced boundary service that lets you:

  • Stop viruses before they reach your network
  • Filter inappropriate content
  • Block unwanted Spam e-mail
  • Control e-mail attachment types
  • Limit corporate e-mail abuse

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