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Spam King forced to hand over Profits

A default judgment against Sanford ”Spamford” Wallace and his company, SmartBOT.Net, orders them to give up $4,089,500 in ill-gotten gains.  The order also bars them from downloading spyware onto consumers’ computers; from downloading any software without consumers’ consent; from redirecting consumers’ computers to sites or servers other than those the consumers selected to visit; from changing any Web browser’s default home page; and from modifying or replacing the search features or functions of any search engine.

A settlement with defendants OptinTrade and Jared Lansky, bars the same practices that are barred in the Wallace and Smartbot.Net judgment.

Lansky, an ad broker who disseminated ads containing Wallace’s spyware, will give up $227,000 in ill-gotten gains.

The FTC sued both operations charging that the stealthy downloads of spyware were unfair and deceptive and violated federal law

Although the companies used different techniques to direct consumers to their Web sites and implement the downloads, the FTC alleged that both operations hijacked consumers’ computers without the consumers’ knowledge or approval, secretly changed their settings, and barraged consumers with pop-up ads.

New BlockIT Site

We have developed a new BlockIT Website to help promote the brand.